The Rental Shack

All of our rentals should be picked up at the shop. Some rentals can be dropped off at other island locations. Please call us for all reservations and questions.

Wamon KayakingKAYAKS

Single-seat kayaks

1/2 Day –$49.00
Full day –$59.00
7 days- $159.00

Double-seat kayaks

1/2 Day- $55.00
Full day- $65.00
7 days- $189


Standup Paddleboarding

1/2 day- $49.00
Full day- $59.00
7 days- $159


Surfing first time.

Half day- $25
Full day- $30
7 days- $119



Jeff Tobias Kiteboarding


(Full day)

Twin Tip- $35
5’8 Surfboard- $40
 6’0 Surfboard –$40
Harness- $15
*Kite- $75 (call shop to reserve)

* you must take a 1hr certification course with us and exhibit adequate kiting skills to pass.
Cost is $99.00Once certified you may rent gear for life.  No expiration.


SnorkelingHalf day- $10
Full day- $15
7 days- $40


Beach Cruiser                                                                                                                                       Couple Beach Biking

Half day- $20
Full day- $30
Weekly- $80

7 speed Cruiser

Half day- $25
Full day- $35
Weekly- $100


The Beach Club – $149

Use all equipment for one week.. Turn your bike in for a kayak for a day or a stand up paddle board, the next day grab a longboard and go for a surf.

Rentals for the week include: Paddle Boards, Kayaks, Snorkel Gear Surfboards, Boogie Boards and bikes .

THIS DEAL IS TOO GOOD TO NOT HAVE A DISCLAIMER: Limit one item per customer at a time. Items are to be used at a half day minimum per item,Children under 18 must have adult supervision. Items are provided on a first come first serve basis. Windward WaterSports does not guarantee equipment availability. Windward WaterSorts reserves the right to cease rentals for safety reasons. These reasons include but are not limited to; unsafe ocean conditions, customer using equipment in an unsafe way, or failure to follow safety guidelines. If the customer demonstrates a lack of concern for rules Windward WaterSports will discontinue service and no refund will be given. Price is based on one day of ocean activities, for this reason no refunds will be given after the first 24hrs, regardless of weather, length or amount of use, or any other reason.


We have the best deals on the island for friends and family. We know how many of you have visitors coming from all over the world (and sometimes they stay TOO long!) We’ll, keep em occupied and outta your hair. Give us a call for pricing and details!