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Quick Details

3hr Private Kiteboarding Lesson
3hr Group Kiteboarding Lessons
9hr Group Kiteboarding Lessons
9hr Private Kiteboarding Lesson Zero-Hero
3hr Advanced Kiteboarding Lesson

Learn to be a great kitesurfer

A three-hour group/private kiteboarding lesson covering the basics of kiteboarding. This kitesurfing lesson is the first step to accelerating your learning curve and safety skills.

Advanced Kiteboarding Lessons

The advanced kiteboarding lesson is for a kiteboarder that already has the ability to launch/land and stay upwind but wants to go farther, learning to jump, spin, grab or roll.

If you want to learn wake-style moves, waveride or big airs, we will set you up with the instructor that is most qualified at what you want to work on. Or, the instructor of your choice!

With our helmet radio communication coaching system, you and your instructor are in constant contact. This is the key to perfecting your timing.

Your instructor will ride with you and watch what you are doing close up to help you correct a mistake or perfect a move.