Paradise Bay Resort Hawaii opens up!

by jeff on April 15, 2011

Paradise Bay Resort Hawaii is all the buzz!

I had no idea…. Did you?

About 6 months ago i heard there was a hotel on the windward side of Oahu.  I didnt believe it!  I know my home too well to not know that.  There are NO hotels on this side of the island… Thats what i thought.  Nestled on a small point in the tropics of Kaneohe is the Windward sides one and only hotel.  Paradise Bay Resort. Kiteboarders ask me all the time and i have always said no! Well, a friend of mine just bought and remodeled the ONLY hotel on this side of the Island. He is turning it into an Eco/kite/relaxing/kayaking/awesome place with around 40 rooms.Windward WaterSports has teamed up with Paradise Bay to offeer all sorts of activities from kiteboarding to Sandbar Excursions.  Keep checking back, all the details will be posted shortly.  For now you log onto Paradise Bay Resort or call us for more info.

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