Kiteboarding in Kailua

Kailua is one of the best beaches in the world to learn how to kiteboard.  It has also become a top destination for a kiteboarding holiday for seasoned kiteboarders as well.  Kailua offers year round trade winds and temperatures hovering around 80F.  With white sand beaches and turquoise water it really is picture perfect.   Kailua beach is located just 30 mins away from the hustle n bustle of Waikiki but, it feels like worlds apart.   This is the home to Windward WaterSports.

The setup/rigging area is located at the North end of the beach park, behind Kalopawai market.  There is a large grassy area to set up your gear and pump up your kite.  Once you are all set up you can walk down to the beach to launch.  Kailua can be a very busy beach with swimmers, windsurfers, sunbathers, dog walkers and more.  It can also be a very small beach at high tide.  Locals and visitors alike follow strict rules for set up, launching and landing.

1.  Minimize time on the beach.  Be ready to launch as soon as you walk down.

2. Always have someone launch your kite.  There is always someone hanging around to lend a helping hand.

3. Launch and head straight out.

4 Because of the side-onshore winds you might not be able to go directly out.  You will most likely get pulled down through the shore break for at least 10ft or more.  This is why we body drag out far enough to avoid swimmers and kids playing.

5.  Stay outside!  Kailua is a huge bay with every condition imaginable.  Once you launch dont come back within 50 yards of the beach until you are ready to land.

We have a sign posted with all the rules on it in the bach park.

Trade winds blow year round and can range from 12-35 knots, averaging around 18 in the Summer. The wind blows from the ENE, which makes for an ideal side-on-shore direction. Kite surfers launch from Kailua Beach Park only.  Even if you are staying near or on the beach we all follow a general rule to launch on ly from the beach park.  This is not a law but a rule amongst locals.  Keep in mind, on Oahu you can kite anywhere, no restrictions or bans.  This is because with the help of the OKC we have successfully policed ourselves and avoided bans and restrictions.  So if you have a question, ask a local and they will tell you what to do.


Take a lesson with us. No matter how good you are – you can always improve. Take an advanced lesson with one of our master instructors, and take your riding to the next level. Advanced aerials, understanding wave riding, and more.

There is no place in Hawaii that offers a better all around kiteboarding holiday experience. From learning to progressing, from flat water to waves, accommodations, restaurants, nightlife and sun. Kailua as everything a kitesurfing destination can have.