Learn to Kiteboard in Kailua, Hawaii

Windward WaterSports Master instructor is Kailua local and professional kiteboarder Jeff Tobias

Jeff Tobias kiting West Oz Unhooked and strapless in West Oz. Jeff Tobias

Jeff was the first instructor to teach on Kailua beach some 10 years ago.   Jeff has traveled the world as a professional kiteboarder searching for the best and biggest waves.

Jeff showing off his core strength Unhooked and laid out at Flat Island, Kailua, HI. Jeff Tobias

Appearing on dozens of magazine covers, twelve movies and several top 5 finishes on the World Tour.  Now, he has returned to his home in Kailua and started WWS with his wife Carly. Fully insured and certified our instructors lead by Jeff are the best in the world.  All of our lessons are taught with 2 way radios. This lets the instructor tell you what to do even when you are out on the water far away from him.  Not only is this much safer but it maximizes your time by allowing us to talk to you in real time on the water.  We are the only school on Oahu that uses this High Tech. method.  We are here to offer you all the tools you need to have a great time and enjoy what Kailua has to offer.  We are Watermen and Water Sports are our life!  We invite you to come and taste our life.  Who knows, you might be a Waterman too?

**Our years of teaching have shaped our teaching program.  Below is a general plan that is based on the majority of people we have taught.  If we have learned anything its that in this sport everybody learns at a different speed and has different hurdles to get over.  Our instructors teach with this in mind and tailor each lesson to the individual taking it.  Its a very personal and effective way of teaching.

Intro to Kiteboarding

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Group  Lesson – $179 PP
Private- $269

Group w/ Jeff- $225 pp
Private w/ Jeff- $349

A three-hour kiteboarding lesson covering the basics of kiteboarding. This kitesurfing lesson is the first step to accelerating your learning curve and staying safe.

Skills you will learn:
• Weather conditions and choosing a safe locationkite instructor teaching young student
• How to set up a four line inflatable kite
• Kite theory and the wind window
• Safety systems, pre-kite check
• Basic kiteboarding etiquette and hand signals
• Flying the kite at the edge of the wind window
• Activating the leash by letting go of the bar
• Hit the water!
• Launching and landing a full-sized inflatable kite
• Beginning body dragging

Water Control Body drag


Group Lesson – $179 PP
Private- $269
Group w/ Jeff- $225 pp
Private w/ Jeff- $349

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This next three-hour kiteboarding lesson allows you to experience the true power of the kite in the water. This is the next step in order to get up and stand up!

Skills you will learn:
• Body dragging upwind
• Activating the safety quick release
learning kite control • Re-launching the kite in the water
• Performing self-rescues
• Power strokes (figure 8’s)

Get Up Stand Up

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Private- $269
Group w/ Jeff- $225 pp
Private w/ Jeff- $349

This three-hour lesson emphasizes board control and riding. By the end of this lesson you will be
standing up and on your way to being able to ride upwind.

Skills you will learn:
• Board control
• Water starts in shallow water
• Board recovery with out using a board leash
• Proper body positioning and edge control
• Generating steady power with the kite
• Riding in both directions
• Appropriate Gear selection for wind conditions

Advanced Lessons

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3 Hour Lesson- $245 ($50 2nd student)
Advanced w/ Jeff- $100hr ($50 2nd student)
flat 3 kiting

The advanced kiteboarding lesson is for a kiteboarder that
already has the ability to launch/land and stay up wind
But wants to go further.  Learning to jump, spin, roll.
If you want to learn wakestyle moves, waveride or big airs.
We will set you up with the instructor that is most qualified
at what you want to work on.  Or, the instructor of your choice.
The instructor will ride with you and watch what you are doing
close up to help you correct a mistake or perfect a move.
This is by far the best way to take your riding to the next level.
We also utilize our helmet radio communication to take you
step by step through everything.
Up to 2 students in this class.

9hr Chump To Champ Package

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chump 2 champ package

Group  Lesson – $479 pp
Private- $699

Group w/ Jeff- $500 pp
Private w/ Jeff-  $849

This is the whole enchilada.  Just like it says, we take you from Chump to Champ.  It takes an average of 3 lessons before you are safe enough to continue to learn without an instructor.  This package gets you there.  Everyone learns at a different pace.  This package is designed to have you riding a board and self sufficient by the end .  If you have been thinking about taking up the sport and you wanna dive in head first, this is your package.  Usually done over 3 days but can also be done in 2 days.




Jeff Tobias has been featured in numerous kiteboarding magazines around the globe.

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