Merry Xmas to us!

by jeff on December 22, 2011

Living Social Stand Up Paddling Add-Ons

by jeff on October 6, 2011

Kayak coupon Upgrades/Add-ons

by jeff on October 5, 2011

Thank You For Purchasing Our Deal!

by jeff on October 5, 2011

BWS Kites In Stock

by jeff on July 21, 2011


by jeff on July 11, 2011

Paradise Bay Resort Hawaii opens up!

by jeff on April 15, 2011

Is It Windy Enough To Kiteboard Kailua, Hawaii? Learn Now.

by jeff on February 15, 2011

Groupon details, If You Purchased Our Groupon READ THIS.

by jeff on February 5, 2011

Wind is back!

by jeff on January 2, 2011