Thank You For Purchasing Our Deal!

by jeff on October 5, 2011

So what now?

You’ve bought the deal so now its time to have some fun.  Follow the steps below to reserve your date and time for your adventure.

Kayak Rental-

book now

SUP   Rental –

book now

Kayak Tour-  Please call (808) 261-7873

**When booking-  Enter your coupon number in the “Promotion code” box at the top of the reservations page (next page)  Choose your date and time.  On the following page you will have the option to upgrade to a tandem kayak as well as reserve any extras, ie snorkel gear, dry bags…  Finally you will be prompted to pay.  If you have not added any extras you will only need to pay the tax on your coupon purchase.

Thanks for buying our deal!


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