Surfing on Oahu, Hawaii

Oahu is, with the other Hawaiian Islands the home of surfing. Beyond this, it is also the home to some of the worlds best and most famous surf spots. The North shore is packed with familiar names, Pipeline and Backdoor, Off the Wall, Log Cabins, Sunset and Waimea Bay. When the big winter swells come in, the worlds best surfers head here. The south of the island is also a surfers dream with many many class breaks. Unfortunately, due to its image and consequent popularity, Oahu is one of the most crowded and ‘localized’ places to surf. Show a bad attitude, and you may not even want to get back into the water.  Learning to surf if a challenge in itself.  Add in the crowds, 100’s of other beginners and local rippers it can be too intimidating to even try.  Thats why we have teamed up with Oahu’s only surf school that takes you out by boat to your own private* wave.  No crowds, no attitude, tons of fun!  Its just you and the rest of your group with our professional instructors.  The wave is perfect for learning and fun to rip on.  All for the same price as other surf schools.  Guaranteed to be a highlight of your vacation.