SUP in Kailua, Hawaii – Stand Up Paddling Oahu

Stand Up Paddleboards are a great activity for water sport enthusiasts of all ages and fitness levels. Our fleet of stable and buoyant boards make learning to paddle easy, quick, and fun!

The sport is an ancient form of surfing in Hawaii. The modern sport became popular when surf instructors stood on their boards in order to manage groups of novice surfers. The increase in visibility allowed them to see everything around them – such as incoming swells.

On our side of the island, we’ve been paddling around Kailua bay on our windsurfing boards for many years.

Advances in equipment allow paddlers to enjoy open ocean, flat water as well as waves. The angle of visibility offered by a SUP adds to the enjoyment while providing a workout. The new paddles and boards are designed to create fantastic forward motion while maintaining rail-to-rail control in waves and swells.

Begin with a 11′ 6′ to 12′ long board to build confidence. As you are ready for the challenge, move onto a smaller board. By the time you are comfortable with an 11′ board, it is time to move to the waves to play around.  Take a lesson or tour with us and see what we’re talking about!

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***Our rentals include board, leash, paddle and a personal floatation device.