Guided Fishing Tours

Inshore Fishing Adventure –

$175.00 pp

Our inshore tours are perfect for both begining and seasoned anglers alike. We will begin our day launching into the clear, calm, protected waters of Kailua or Kaneohe bay, where we will pursue some of the hardest-fighting reef predators of the pacific. Papio (juvenille Trevally), Kaku (Barracuda), ‘Awa’Awa (Ladyfish or Hawaiian Tarpon), ‘Oio (Bonefish), as well as the abundant Toau and Ta’ape (Snappers) will be the primary targets.

This tour will take place inside the fringing reef, and is protected from the open oceans swells, which makes it a great trip for begining paddlers and keiki (ages 8 and up). Basic kayaking skills are helpful, and you can expect to paddle 6-8 miles during the course of the day.

Nearshore Big Game Fishing Tour –

$199.00 pp

This tour is for the more experienced paddlers and anglers out there. We will head out past the reef’s edge to the deep blue waters of some of the most productive bottomfishing grounds on the windward coast of Oahu. Fishing in depths ranging from ten to thirty fathoms, our quarry will be the hard fighting (and good-tasting) Uku (Grey Snapper), Ulua (Trevally), Kahala (Amberjack), Kaku (Barracuda), and Weke Ula (Goatfish), as well as an occasional chance at passing pelagic fish such as the Mahi Mahi (Dorado), and Ono (Wahoo).

These are big fish in big water, so a fair amount of kayaking experience is required. Guests must be able to self-rescue and re-enter their kayak unassited, and have the ability to paddle up to 10-12 miles.


We live, work, and play in a very unique and fragile ecosystem, one that needs our help to remain healthy and vibrant. At Windward Watersports, we encourage catch and release fishing for most of the gamefish targeted on our tours, and adhere to a strict size slot limit to ensure these resources remain available and unspoiled for our keiki to enjoy. Guests will also be able to participate in the Hawaii DNLR’s papio tagging project, which helps scientists gather crucial information on the island’s most sought-after gamefish.