Kayak Rentals in Kailua, Hawaii on the Beautiful Island of Oahu

Rent a kayak for a day and kayak from Kailua Beach to Flat Island, the Mokulua Islands and Lanikai Beach. Rental kayaks include single, double and even triple sit-on-top kayaks. Kayak Rentals are for a half day (four hours) or full day (9 to 4:30).  Kayaks are picked up at Windward WaterSports or dropped off at any private residence or vacation rental in Kailua.Woman Kayaking

Kayak Rental Prices

Single kayak – 1/2 day    $49.00 –    Full day   $59.00
Double kayak – 1/2 day  $55.00 –    Full day   $65.00
Triple kayak – 1/2 day    $79.00 –    Full day   $89.00

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Mokulua islands

Explore Kailua Beach by Kayak

Start your adventure at our shop with a brief lesson on kayak rental safety as well as info about Kailua beach and its offshore islands.  We set you up with all your gear and can strap it on your vehicle for no extra charge.  Off you go to explore!  With the knowledge you have gained from our staff you will be able to safely navigate the bay and see all types of sea life, coral, birds, turtles and maybe the rare endangered Monk seal.  Explore one of the offshore islands and go snorkeling along the reef.  When you’re ready just wash back up to shore, step out of your kayak and head to the showers.   Includes kayak with backrest, paddle, PFD, roof pads and strap .   You may start your rental anytime of the day.  All equipment must be returned by 4:30pmBird sanctuary sign.

Monk Seal

Our wish is for you to have a great time while learning about the ecosystem of Kailua bay, its offshore islands and the ocean in general.

We can provide tie downs or straps for your vehicle.  Full day rentals can be kept over night for 24 hours and multi-day rentals are also available at discounted rates. Overnight rentals can be delivered to a residence or vacation rental in Lanikai or along Kailua Beach for no-extra-charge. Life Jackets (PFD’s) are included for all sizes as well as paddles, and backrests.  Accessories include dry bags to store you gear (camera, towel etc.), coolers for drinks and snorkeling gear. Our shop carries sunscreen, drinking water, lockers and waterproof cameras.

Are you staying at a vacation rental in Kailua or Lanikai?

Ask about our extended stay rates and keep any of our water sports equipment at your Kailua or Lanikai vacation rental. We will deliver and pick up our kayaks, stand up paddle boards and snorkel gear to your vacation rental. Rentals are unguided, allowing you to explore when and where you want. However, please remember we are on the ocean and not a lake or river. Kayak at your own risk. Ocean conditions are unlike lakes and rivers. If you have little to no experience, we strongly recommend a guided tour for your safety and enjoyment. Kayaks are newer sit on top designs. All kayak rentals include life vest, paddle, paddle leash and backrests/seats.  We offer dry bags, snorkel gear, waterproof cameras and more for an additional charge.  Credit card deposit required. Kayaks can be picked up at Windward Watersports or delivered to your residence  at no extra charge. Call for more information or large groups.

Kayaking in Kailua, Oahu
Many people come to Hawaii each year to enjoy the tropical weather we have to offer and experience the aloha spirit which embodies everything Hawaiian. A big part of the Hawaiian culture is the relationship between the people and the ocean. Kayaking and canoeing were important activities of the earliest Hawaiian’s, and continue to be a major water activity today.View of the Mokes from Kailua  Our Kayak rentals allow you to join in the great tradition easily.

Our wish is for you to have a great time while learning about the ecosystem of Kailua bay, its offshore islands and the ocean in general.


Kayaking in Kailua


There’s something about “the Mokes.”

The Mokulua islets rise like twin cones a mile and a half from shore on the windward side of Oahu, off Kailua Bay. Some people take one look and have to get there.

How? The best way is in a kayak. Kailua Bay is kayakers heaven,  The bay’s waters are protected by an offshore barrier reef. They are shallow, relatively calm and warm—“which is good if you fool around and fall off. You’re not going to freeze.”

In addition, the bay is a sea turtle sanctuary. You’re likely to see honu, as turtles are called in Hawaii, on almost every trip. The larger of the Mokes, Mokulua Nui, has a sandy beach for landing and picnicking. Both islets are protected sanctuaries for 11 different kinds of seabirds.

kayaking_to_Mokulua_Islands_OahuIf you’re experienced or adventurous, you can simply rent a kayak for the day. It will usually come with a safety briefing.

Or you can take a kayak tour with a guide. Many tours include lunch, snorkeling equipment, hotel pickup, and a guide who is versed in the history, geology and ecology of the Islands, so that you see and understand more.

How tough a paddle is it? It’s not effortless, it takes about 45 minutes. Even I made it.

It’s perhaps more difficult when the onshore breezes pick up—you’re paddling into the wind. Een then there’s a silver lining: The winds will help you paddle back to the safety of one of the world’s most beautiful beaches.


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