How To Water Launch Your Kite

Relaunching kites has never been easier and in fact, many of the newer kites practically relaunch themselves.  Gone are the days of complex explanations and difficult, physical efforts to roll the kite on it’s back to initiate a relaunch.

To begin with, you need the kite to be sitting on the water leading edge down so you are looking at the underside of the canopy.  You just need to push the bar all the way out and pull on one of the  back steering lines.  The kite will “cup” one wingtip and start to roll over onto it’s side.  Hold the line and wait for the kite to slide around to the launch position, then simply grab the bar and gently steer the kite out of the water.

If you pull too hard on the back steering line, you are likely to turn the kite over too rapidly and stall the kite resulting in a kite which is now laying on its trailing edge in the water facing up.  If this is the case, you need to push the bar all the way out and possibly even pull strongly on the front lines.  This will initiate a “hot launch” from directly downwind.


While doing all this its best to be laying on you belly with your legs behind you.  If your legs are underneath you it forces you to cause resistance on the kite.  You need to cause at little resistance as possible.  Release the tension on the back lines.

If the kite is leading edge down but you can see the top of the canopy, you need to turn the kite around.  You do this by pulling several metres of steering line on one side which will force one wingtip up into the wind and will allow the kite to catch wind in the underside, thus flipping it around.  Once it starts to catch wind from the underside of the canopy, you need to ease the slack out of the steer line until the kite is tensioned on all four lines in the usual start position.