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by jeff on July 21, 2011

We carry an assortment of new and used kites.  Come check out our shop in Kailua or give us a call


Good News- Kites are in stock!

Bad news- There going fast!

Really though,  we are on our 4th shipment of BWS kites and we have had 100% satisfaction with every kite sold.

Being a newer brand you cant help but dissect and inspect every element of a the kite.  We have done that and so have the dozons of customers that have bought one from us and……everybody is stoked!


Come down and test one for yourself.  We have demos available.  (808) 261-7873

Noise kite from BENWILSONVISION on Vimeo.

This Noise kite is all about versatility. It works in all conditions for wave riding, wake style and freestyle. It has a smooth and consistent pull in all phases of the wind window. The kite characteristics are consistent, hooked or unhooked.

When riding in side-shore or cross on-shore conditions the kite loves to drift down the line while riding a wave. A real breakthrough in surf kite design is eliminating the stalling, falling back and roll over when the lines go slack. These have always been issues when riding waves in the past. Medium bar pressure, fast turning and smooth consistent power delivery are fundamental characteristics of the Noise Kite.

“I can carry on all day on why I’m excited about these kites, but let me start with this – The “Noise Kite” isn’t a crazy new invention.  We haven’t reinvented the wheel.  Just made it better!

At this point, kite design has reached a certain level where most of the top brands are producing great kites that all look a little different, but essentially do the same thing.  What I wanted to do was take the best aspects of kiting from all my experience, and simplify them to create a kite that is user friendly, versatile, works in all conditions, and does nothing silly.
I believe we have done that with the “Noise Kite”. All round, it’s a really nice smooth ride. It re-launches well and works both hooked and un-hooked.

The undertow bar is the perfect compliment to the Noise Kite.  It feels good, is very simple and does not have all the un-necessary bells and whistles on it.

Now let me help you pick the right size kite –

I’ll use myself as reference – I’m 6’2 and weigh 83kg. The biggest kite I generally use is the 10m and I can get out and ride in as light as it gets, but of course still rideable on my surfboard.  However if I was using a twin tip, then I would use the 12m, so here’s my suggestion:  If you ride in light winds and you’re trying to make a choice between the 10m or the 12m, if you weigh over 80kg and ride in really light winds, I would be opting for the 12m.  If you come in under 80kg then I would opt for the 10m, all based on the fact you ride a surf board.  If you ride a twin tip, then go for the 12m.

The 8m is my fav size, not because the kite is way better than the other sizes, but because I find riding the waves with an 8m in the average strength wind is when they are generally best.  The 8m start’s working from about 15 knots and will hold till 30knots depending on your weight. I like it around 20-25 knots, but can still get going on it in pretty light conditions.  If I had to pick one kite only, this would be the size I would go for.

6m – This is Ryland Blakeney’s most used size.  Where he lives (Perth, WA) they get a cranking seabreeze which is somewhere between 20 – 30 knots, and this kite is the perfect size for him in these conditions. I like using this kite from 25 knots onwards.

If you’re looking for a two kite quiver I’d either go for the 12m & 8m combo for the bigger crew and the 10m & 6m combo for the average size crew. For the Girls and Groms, go for the 8m & 6m combo.”

Ben Wilson

The Noise Kite is available in these sizes – 6m, 8m, 10m, 12m

Included with your kite package:

Undertow bar
The engineering of the ‘Undertow’ bar was focused on Cleanliness and function. Having the entire package of depower, safety AND swivel under the bar where it is reachable, offers no tangling mechanism above the bar. This keeps your lines light, free and less likely to become an issue in a wipe out. Still to this day not one kite manufacturer on the market offers all these features…!!

Drawstring compression bag
Like for most of us folding and wrapping up the kite after a killer session is a hassle. The quick and easy stuff bag contains the kites mess in your garage or car and stops annoying bridle tangles or any unnecessary kite tears due to an uncontrollable mess. Drawstring bag – contain the mess!

BWS Pump
It’s a pump and it works.

NOT included in the kite package:

Upgrade backpack
This is the Deluxe model back pack kite bag that enlarges to suit both folded and semi inflated kite. The Upgrade back pack is great for muling in your gear when you have to walk a few km’s to that secret spot.

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