Additional Offers

Hurry all promo offers expire April 2nd, 2012!

3 hr Group Kiteboarding Lesson- 75$/ person (50% off!)

In the spirit of our Living Social Deal and giving big savings, we are offering a 3 hr beginner kiteboarding lesson for the crazy price of $75 per person.  This offer ends April 1st, no foolin’.  Group lessons are 2-3 people with one great instructor.  For more info on our kite lessons click here.

Dont forget to enter promo code “kite” at the top of the reservations page.

Used Kite Gear- 20% off!

Our shop is full of great kites from 2011 and even some barely used 2012 kites.  Come on in and see what used gear might interest you and mention this coupon for 20% off on the spot!

Shirts, Slippers, Hats- 20% off!

No explanation needed, come in by April 2nd for some killer deals.